Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Terms of Service and Community Guidelines

Be courteous. The Daily Kitty and Spirit Kingdom, LLC (herewith referred to as “We,” or “us”) is purposefully designed to encourage people to express themselves and to make positive, long-lasting relationships doing good things for one another and their communities. So here’s the deal, you, (also known as “the user” or ”you”) be courteous,  and we will do the same.

  We will not sell your personal data or information or online habits to a third party. We will, of course, use it ourselves so that we can better understand things like customer satisfaction, program popularity,  but only for the purposes of promoting and developing programs created within The Daily Kitty and Spirit Kingdom, LLC platform and analysis of our performance.  

   Advertising and promotions are not allowed, unless the program, product, or event is associated with The Daily Kitty. The use of our site for commercial purposes must be obtained in writing.

   Your Content belongs to you. But, it belongs to us too. We need to be able to share your content posted on our site for the promotion of programs developed within The daily Kitty and Spirit Kingdom, LLC, and we want to be able to share with others some of the great things we do together. This includes content made in conjunction with our studios.

   Pornography or any hint of pornography will not be tolerated.  Solicitation of sexual services is not allowed.  We reserve the right to determine what is or is not pornography.

   Freedom of Expression Limitations: We at The Daily Kitty and spirit Kingdom, LLC are not interested in telling you how to think or express yourself.  We do, however, care about people. As a general rule, anything that harms another person is forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to: hate speech, bullying, terrorism, the celebration of violent crimes, or other malicious content intended to harm another person or organization. We do permit the general discussion of these topics for the purposes of creating awareness and debate. The satire and social commentary of public figures is acceptable.

   Personal Responsibility and Liability: It is the responsibility of the user to safeguard their passwords and personal information. All material used on our site that is not the original creation of the user should have appropriate copyright permissions and/or CC attributions (don’t steal stuff). Fair use rules apply. You agree you will not use our site to facilitate criminal acts. You agree that you will not provide misleading or false information to us, or to the public, and that you will not engage in the use of malicious software or code when using our site and programs. You also agree that you won’t hold us liable for any harm resulting from the use of our site, programs, or event participation.

   Termination: If you violate either the spirit or the letter of these provisions, we reserve the right to terminate our relationship immediately. Minor infractions will receive a warning by email. Repeated violations of minor infractions can also result in termination. Termination may include temporary suspension of service until issues are resolved, permanent suspension of account, banning of known abusers.

   People under the age of 13 cannot use our services.

   Amendments: We might need to adapt our Terms of Service/Community Guidelines. We reserve the right to amend this agreement. We will notify you via email should we need to change any of the above provisions. Any questions, please use the customer service ticketing system.  Remember, we are always open to your comments, questions, and recommendations.

Privacy Policy

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